Welcome to BW Rigging, Cranage and Transport

Experiece = Better Rigging Solutions.

BW Rigging Cranage and Transport is a close corporation and started trading on 1 March 2006. Louis Lotz (Sole member) is a qualified rigger with more than 35 years experience in the construction, maintenance and maintenance shutdowns operations in the fuel industry. Our key operations are rigging, construction services & transport.  Operations are governed/managed/controlled from the TEKS area (Trichardt, Evander, Kinross and Secunda) but are not limited to those areas.

 We are privileged to have top expertise on our team and have over 100 years combined experience in rigging and lifting tasks.

Our company considers its employees it’s most valuable asset and undertakes to safeguard them, as far as reasonably possible from injury or damage to health arising from any operations associated with its business.